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Jacopo Mosconi

Passionate + Blockchain Developer, Crypto enthusiast, and Web3

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Hi there

I’m Jacopo, currently I live in Cervia, Italy working as a Blockchain developer at OVER. My projects include Cross chain bridges, ERC20/721, NFT Marketplaces, NFT rentings. Being comfortable with code allows me to rapidly prototype and validate experiences.

I’m always down for hearing about new projects, so feel free to drop me a line.

📩 :
Me standing in front of the Torii on Miyajima, an island off the coast of Hiroshima in Japan

Professional Skillset


development of an ERC721A contract and a dapp for the purchase of NFTs. the Smart Contract uses Merkle tree to guarantee priority access to users on the white list.

NOAVA FINANCE: Yield Staking Farm Maximizer

Front end, back end and smart contracts development for noava finance, a yield staking farm maximizer on the Binance Smart Chain, interoperability with pancakeswap and uniswapV2 forks

moonia: Mint Dapp template + ERC721A

Developing of a dapp template for the minting of ERC721A tokens and a ERC721A template totally customizable.

DoGiOh: ERC20 Token on Polygon and Ethereum + CrossChain bridge

DoGiOh is a P2E platform, I made the ERC20 token on Polygon and Ethereum, and a CrossChain bridge for the token.

Stay365: ERC20 token + IDOs

Tokenization of Stay365, a competitor platform of AirBNB with crypto payments